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Standing Balance Series 2 - 5 week challenge

  • 35Days
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Transform your balance with this 5 week balance challenge. With just 5 simple yet highly effective exercises that follow on from those you have encountered in Series 1, you can improve your balance further. Good balance is essential in many functional activities of everyday life, sport and protects you from injury. When balancing, you will be strengthening your feet, ankles, hip and core in a functional and dynamic way. Series 2 builds on the exercises of Series 1 with new challenges for the arms, head, upper body and the eyes and finishes with a 2 minute eyes closed challenge. For best results practice at least one exercise every other day. However, for accelerated results practice little and often, for example lunchtime and evening. Each exercise lasts less than 10 minutes. The program is designed to be done in the sequence presented on the course. If you choose to alternate between them make sure you give equal attention and challenge to all areas of your balance.....your weakest exercise is often the most beneficial. This Program is not designed for complete beginners, you should have already completed Series 1, be able to balance with your eyes closed for a minute and feel ready to challenge your balance further. You will have 5 weeks access to these videos from the point of purchase so plan when you will practice before you set a date to start the program.

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