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Standing Balance Series 1 - 4 week challenge

  • 4Weeks
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Transform your balance with this 4 week balance challenge. With just 4 simple yet highly effective exercises you can improve your balance in order to enhance performance in many functional activities and sport and protect yourself from injury. When balancing you will be strengthening your feet, ankles, hip and core in a functional and dynamic way. For best results practice at least one exercise every other day however, for accelerated results practice little and often, for example lunchtime and evening. Each exercise lasts less than 10 minutes. The program is designed to be done in series however, as long as you have mastered the foot exercises you can alternate between them. To make the grid you will need an A3 size sheet of paper and some coloured tape (or you can draw on the lines). No other equipment is needed and the exercises are best performed barefoot. This Program is not designed for complete beginners, you should feel ready to challenge your balance, able to slip on a shoe in standing without holding on to the wall. You will have 12 weeks access to these videos from the point of purchase.

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