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Inspirational movement 

We specialise in ONLINE MOVEMENT support via informative VIDEOS to help you achieve your goals whether that's optimising performance, rehabilitating from injury, managing a health condition or working to maintain health for the future. We also work with various sporting clubs and offer a bespoke service.


Health and performance requires efficient fluid movement
We are here to help 

Informative Videos, Instructional Movement Videos, Courses, Online Coaching

Informative Instructional Movement Video Series and Courses



Sharing over 20 years of experience in assisting clients to optimise their movement and using inspiration from Physiotherapy, Pilates, Garuda, Feldenkris, Functional Movement Rehabilitation, Sports Psychology and Coaching Principles. We specialise in empowering you to fine tune your movement to optimise physical performance enabling you to move with ease, fluidity and efficiency. Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior or living with a limiting physical or health disability, we have something for you.


Clare Clarke, UK

“I've used a mix of bespoke videos and movement courses. Having access to exercises that are specific, easy to follow and functional has encouraged me to do them regularly. This has given me confidence in my body and the ability to keep up with my two sons."

Balance for Sport

If you are looking for focused movements that improve your balance go to our balance video series.

The work starts in standing, moving from basic techniques of breathing, engaging your core and getting your feet ready to build strong foundations for balance.

You will then move to controlling your pelvis, upper body and head, working through dynamic challenges that become more and more sport specific.

Get Individualised

Whether you are looking for a program for yourself or for your team/club contact us and we can design a video or video series to meet your goals.

Our clients include athletics clubs, netball teams, run clubs, marathon runners, triathletes and individuals who want to improve flexibility or work towards a variety of functional goals or are managing long-term conditions or returning to function/sport from injury.

Our video library is growing but if you don't see what you want, get in touch.


Specialist areas

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